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Since 1997, Tahirih has answered more than 30,000 calls for help from immigrant survivors fleeing gender-based violence, providing the free legal services needed to achieve the immigration status to which they are entitled under U.S. law and vital social services needed to rebuild their lives.

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With a staff of over 100 dedicated team members across offices in five cities and thousands of supporters and pro bono partners, Tahirih has assisted nearly 30,000 women, girls, and other immigrant survivors seeking access to justice.

A radial bar chart with the following text:The odds of winning asylum depend on legal representation. 96% when represented by Tahirih, 47% with representation, and 17% without representation.We support survivors of violence through free legal and social services, from direct representation to emergency shelter, food, and healthcare. Access to these basic needs has allowed Tahirih clients to build lives of safety and comfort in a new and unfamiliar place. Through free legal and social services, policy advocacy, and community outreach and training, we protect and expand legal rights for immigrant survivors of gender-based violence seeking safety in the U.S.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to secure justice for survivors. We enable communities to meet the needs of survivors through outreach programs that provide thousands of front-line professionals — including attorneys, judges, police officers, healthcare staff, and social service providers — with an understanding of unique obstacles that immigrant survivors face in the wake of violence, giving communities the essential tools they need to help survivors in crisis.

We engage in nonpartisan public policy advocacy by amplifying the voices of immigrant survivors in communities, courts, and Congress, to create a world where everyone can live in safety and with dignity.

In 2020, we:

  • Trained and educated 13,934 frontline professionals and community members, including attorneys, judges, police officers, healthcare staff, and social service providers
  • Responded to calls from 346 lawyers and service providers from 22 countries and 18 states who needed expert advice
  • Launched the Stand with Survivors campaign in response to proposed regulations to overturn U.S. Asylum law. Across the country advocates came together and filed nearly 90,000 comments in response to the proposed regulations
  • Provided free legal services to 1,796 immigrant survivors and 1,452 of their family members
  • Educated the public and framed the national dialogue about the impact of federal and local policies on immigrant women and children fleeing violence through 417 articles in prominent media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, AP News, The Washington Post, Univision, and NPR.
  • Welcomed more than 158,000 users to and more than 25,000 users to, connecting more people than ever before to our important mission
  • Saw 2,365 page views of our Pro Bono Attorney E-Library (an online resource with practice tips and guidelines)
  • Garnered 3 million views on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, sparking vital conversations about issues that impact the safety and dignity of survivors
Read our 2020 Impact Report