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Since 1997, Tahirih has served at the forefront of the fight to end violence against women and girls and has pioneered efforts in the United States to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

With an army of over 2,500 pro bono professionals, volunteers, and supporters, and with a staff of 70 dedicated women and men across offices in five cities, Tahirih has answered more than 25,000 pleas for help by women and girls rebuilding their lives in the wake of violence.

We are EMPOWERING survivors of violence through free legal and social services, from direct representation to emergency shelter, food and healthcare.

We are ENABLING communities to meet the needs of survivors through training and education programs, giving frontline professionals the tools they need to help in crisis.

We are ELEVATING the voices of immigrant women and girls in communities, courts, and Congress, ensuring that laws and policies protect them from violence and exploitation.

In 2017 alone, we:

  • Provided free legal services to 3,535 immigrant women and girls and their family members
  • Connected 821 clients and family members with vital social services including emergency shelter, food and clothing, and healthcare
  • Marshaled an army of 2,451 attorneys from 444 top law firms in our Pro Bono Network to leverage donated resources and maximize our capacity

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