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Legal Services

We protect immigrant women and girls who live in the United States and have a legitimate claim to legal status under U.S. immigration law as survivors of gender-based violence.

Tahirih’s holistic, client-centered legal services include screening, assessment, counsel and advice, and/or full-scale legal representation. Our staff are experts in the areas of:

  • Gender-based asylum (for individuals who have suffered or fear that they will suffer persecution in their home country)
  • Violence Against Women’s Act Petitions (for battered spouses, parents, and/or children)
  • T Visas (for survivors of trafficking)
  • U Visas (for survivors of certain types of crimes on U.S. soil)
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (for abused, abandoned, or neglected children)

Our clients receive culturally sensitive, trauma-informed legal representation from the start to the finish of a case. Many of our clients have obstacles to safety and stability that can’t be remedied in immigration courts alone. We meet these needs by offering holistic services—providing wrap-around social services case management and representation in family court, where we are able.

To increase the number of women and girls we protect, we rely on help from attorneys in our Pro Bono Network. Together, we maintain a 99% litigation success rate, despite the complex nature of our cases. We accept cases that others have deemed “unwinnable” and proudly pioneer in uncharted areas of the law.