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Atlanta Appellate Project

Although the same legal standards apply to asylum seekers throughout the country, the asylum denial rate in Atlanta is over 95%, while national average is approximately 50%. These staggering statistics make clear: something is wrong at the Atlanta Immigration Court. 

Tahirih established the Atlanta Appellate Project to address the underlying bias, unfair practices, and misapplications of law that underlie these shocking statistics. Through strategic litigation, and with the support of our pro bono and community partners, we seek to disrupt these systemic issues, so Tahirih’s clients—and others fleeing violence—have a fair day in court in Atlanta.

Since its establishment in 2018, we have already had a number of victories. In one notable case, we advocated for a survivor of severe domestic violence who was brutally separated from her daughter because of the U.S. government’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy after seeking refuge at our border. Through our litigation and advocacy efforts, her denial of asylum was reversed on appeal and she was ultimately reunited with her daughter.

Our efforts also won a remand and freedom for an indigenous woman who escaped the genocide of the Guatemalan Civil War. This grandmother of 12 U.S. citizens suffers from diabetes and had lived peacefully and productively in the U.S. for nearly two decades, only to be detained in prison-like conditions for nearly two years before we became involved in the case. After appealing the case to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the government agreed to remand her case. This remand also became the basis for a new bond hearing, and our client was soon freed from detention after nearly two years of being held in immigration detention.

We celebrate these victories not only for our clients, but also for due process and the rule of law. Please join us in this fight against injustice! 

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