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Direct Services

When a survivor arrives at our doorstep, they are already radically transforming our world — one person, one family, and one community at a time. We center survivors and provide a whole-person approach to direct services so that they have comprehensive information and integrated support to uphold their agency and decision-making on their journeys to justice.

We provide trauma-informed legal representation and social services for immigrant survivors in the United States, so that they can secure the rights they are entitled to and rebuild their lives.
Please note: Services provided vary by office depending on local staffing and capacity.

Immigration Law

We represent immigrant survivors who we believe have a legitimate claim to legal status under U.S. immigration law as survivors of gender-based violence.

Family Law

We ensure our clients' legal needs are met in family courts, safeguarding children against abuse and helping survivors divorce their abusers.

Civil Law

We engage in appellate advocacy and impact litigation, and support clients in recovering damages from harms they have suffered, such as trafficking.

Forced Marriage Protection

We provide confidential support and assistance to individuals in the United States who are facing forced marriages in this country or abroad.

Social Services

We connect our clients to shelter, employment-related training, food pantries, and other services so they can gain greater control over their lives.

Medical Services

We help our clients obtain medical and mental health services, a vital step in the road to recovery from physical and psychological trauma.

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our process

Our direct services are client-centered, culturally sensitive, and trauma-informed. Step by step, we help our clients overcome obstacles — like being married to an abuser or lacking authorization to work in the U.S. — that stand in the way of their safety and freedom.

who we serve

We serve immigrant survivors seeking freedom from gender-based violence.

Who We Are

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Despite significant growth, we are only able to serve 1 out of every 6 survivors who reaches out to us. We need your help.

of the cases we litigate are successful, despite their complexity
Immigrant survivors impacted through free legal services in 2020
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