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It is a heartbreaking fact: At our current scale, we can protect only 1 out of every 10 women and girls who reach out to us for help.

Courageous individuals who are risking their lives to get to the U.S. are relying on us to not only uphold U.S. laws and international treaties, but to embody the American values that serve as a beacon of hope to them and their families.

In response to the current administration’s policies that attempt to bar from asylum anyone at our southern border, separate mothers from their children indefinitely, and strip protections from survivors of violence, Tahirih is proud to introduce you to our Building Bridges to Safety Campaign.

We are mobilizing our efficient, effective, and innovative holistic services nationally. With our free legal and social services, bridge-building policy advocacy, and research-based training and education, we are helping create a world where no woman or girl ever has to live in fear of violence.

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Today, we are committed to continue our life changing work in communities, courts, and Congress, which connects women in need with an army of pro bono attorneys and other professionals to give them the highest chance possible for success, and obtain the most basic of human rights: to live in safety and with dignity.

Many people are asking: “What can I do to help?” Your engagement is critical and there is something that everyone can do.

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We hope you will become a part of the Building Bridges Campaign today, and help us make it across the finish line with a donation at whatever level you are able. Your support will transform lives.

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