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Our Pro Bono Network

Our Pro Bono Network is made up of nearly 2,000 compassionate attorneys, doctors, psychologists, and other professionals who donate their time and expertise to create a world where women and girls enjoy equality and live in safety and with dignity.

Together, we take a holistic approach to protecting our clients, offering a range of free immigration, family, and civil legal services, as well as access to critical social services case management. This army of professional volunteers enables Tahirih Justice Center to turn every $1 donated to Tahirih into $4 of impact.

Even with the incredible growth of our network, there are never enough resources to meet the needs of every survivor of violence who reaches out to us for help. That’s why we’re always searching for attorneys, medical professionals, and other experts to make our network even stronger.

Here’s what pro bono at Tahirih looks like:


“I believe that working for equality for all women is one of the most powerful ways that we can change the world for the better.”

— Kathleen Bertolatus, Senior Counsel, Phillips 66

Our pro bono attorneys help heroic women and girls with little resources navigate the complex U.S. legal system and win the protection they are entitled to under U.S. law. We ensure that our pro bono attorneys have all the resources they need to get the best outcome for our clients. Our pro bono attorneys work as co-counsel with an assigned in-house attorney, and every pro bono attorney has access to training, mentorship, and other resources, such as our Pro Bono E-Library. Collectively, our network maintains a 99% litigation success rate despite the complex nature of the cases we accept. Need more information? Please read our Pro Bono FAQs, see an abbreviated list of who’s in our network now, and meet some of our pro bono partners.

Medical Professionals

Our pro bono social workers and medical professionals are committed to providing lifesaving treatment to women and girls who are trying to heal from physical and psychological trauma and other medical issues. They also provide expert testimony on behalf of our clients in court.

Field Experts

Our pro bono experts act as champions for immigrant women and girls in their varied fields of expertise, assisting with a range of work from acting as expert witnesses on country conditions to contributing to special projects in research, communications, data management, and other areas. Many of our volunteer experts are practicing attorneys at law firms who already represent clients as part of our Pro Bono Attorney Network. Impactful opportunities also exist for government or public relations professionals and other seasoned advisors.