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Cy Près Awards

Cy Près [siː ˈpray] n. The legal doctrine that allows funds remaining after the distribution of a class action settlement to be given to a charitable organization (or more than one) whose mission dovetails with the original purpose of the case. Cy Près awards are an important source of funding for non-profits and legal services, nurturing the growth of legal non-profits serving marginalized communities.

The Tahirih Justice Center is an ideal place to direct Cy Près awards. Our award-winning, holistic model for protection combines free legal and social services with bridge-building policy advocacy, training, and education. Our programs efficiently and effectively leverage donated professional services from a vast network of attorneys, medical professionals, and experts to serve as many women and girls as possible.

With our wide-range of services and pro bono network of professionals, Tahirih is an excellent steward of Cy Près awards, turning every $1 donated into $4 of impact, protecting thousands of women, girls, and their families each year.

Under the Cy Près doctrine, courts can distribute these residual funds to appropriate charitable causes. While every case is different, individual counsel may nominate nonprofit organizations whose missions reflect the concerns of the case to receive unclaimed funds. In the event that Cy près funds are deemed appropriate for Tahirih, our staff is available to assist in drafting the affidavit or letter to the court, making the case for Tahirih to be designated a recipient.

Thank you for considering Tahirih as a nominee for a Cy Près award. If you have any questions about this giving option and/or whether Tahirih might be an appropriate Cy Près recipient in a particular case, contact Tahirih’s Government Grant Manager, Caitlin Burnett, at [email protected] or 571-550-9167.