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Monthly Giving

Tailwinds Team

Make each month matter.

Join our community of monthly givers – the Tailwinds Team – and support the journey of immigrant survivors of violence.

Our Tailwinds Team is a dedicated and passionate community sustained by supporters on a mission to end gender-based violence. Every single month, we are joining together across the nation to soar in solidarity with survivors.

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Your Gift
Each giving level reflects the impact that YOU can make in one year with your monthly support!

Your $10 monthly donation can ensure a doctor’s visit for a trauma survivor.

Your $25 monthly donation can help purchase 6 pay-as-you-go cell phones to connect clients facing forced marriages or other forms of violence with a Tahirih staff person who will help them navigate their way to safety.

Your $50 monthly donation can help secure emergency housing for an immigrant survivor and their child fleeing violence.

Your $100 monthly donation can train 160 attorneys from our nation’s top law firms to provide free, specialized legal services to immigrant survivors seeking refuge in the U.S.

Your $200 monthly donation can cover the costs for a survivor to safely and legally reunite with their child who is abroad.

Your $400 monthly donation can help an immigrant survivor fleeing violence by covering the annual cost of their legal and social services.

Your Impact

Your generous contribution and commitment will impact every aspect of Tahirih’s services. Becoming a member of the Tailwinds Team gives you the opportunity to support, elevate, and advocate alongside immigrant survivors. No matter what you can contribute, you are part of a driven community committed to putting an end to gender-based violence and investing in a future of hope.

Staying Connected

We’ll stay connected through quarterly newsletters that will share our latest updates and highlight your direct impact.