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We serve survivors of gender-based violence who face incredible obstacles to justice, including language barriers, lack of resources, and a complex immigration system. Some are U.S. citizens or have another type of resident status. Some do not. All live in the United States and have a right to protection under existing U.S. laws.

Who We Are

of our clients are fleeing gender-based violence that occurred on U.S. soil.

featured survivor voices

"Tahirih saved my life and helped me heal. Thank you for helping Tahirih help me."
April 7, 2017
“Looking back, I see that I had the strength and resolve the whole time. Because of trauma, we tell ourselves we can’t do it. But in reality, we have overcome so much, and we will continue to overcome. I’m going to continue pressing forward to reach my dreams.”
February 23, 2021
"As we walked out of the [ICE] building, I reminded myself I was on my way to Houston. To warmth, to family, to a new job, to my home."
December 3, 2019
Photograph of Maryam
"I would not be where I am today if it were not for Tahirih’s dedication to provide me with legal, social, and moral support."
February 23, 2021

our clients have come to the U.S.
from all over the world

30 million
girls under age 15 worldwide are still at risk for female genital mutilation
women and girls worldwide are murdered every year for a perceived dishonor to their families
142 million
girls worldwide will be married before age 18 by 2020 if present trends continue

“I have my dignity back. I am looking forward to the future, to greater things and bigger things. I’m not that person that was shrank to nothing. I see a life with a lot of promises.”


survivor of domestic violence from West Africa

“To be abused yourself is one thing. To see your son being abused physically and emotionally is another.”


survivor of domestic violence from Czech Republic

“Here I am living in a free society, but so many other girls are still back there. If I had been sent home, it would be like going into a dark cave forever.”


survivor of forced marriage from Afghanistan

“Both my daughter and I were forced to undergo female genital mutilation as young girls… You are old enough to carry with you the memory of that kind of horror forever. Every day of our lives it affects us, both physically and emotionally.”


survivor of female genital mutilation from Kenya

“I want to thank Tahirih. They made me feel like my life has a purpose. I really can’t put it into words. They’ve been family to me. They opened their arms to me and helped me and pushed me on for my future.”


survivor of child abuse from Nicaragua

“Tahirih helped me with my house, my green card. They help me with everything. Now, I feel like I am flying. You can’t imagine me now. I am so, so, so happy.”


survivor of human trafficking from Angola

“It’s been a long road, but a happy ending. I’m a free bird today! When I received my worker authorization, it felt like a passport to freedom. Finally, I thought, ‘I am free. I’m finally free.'”


survivor of domestic violence from Sri Lanka