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Irena Sullivan

Irena Sullivan originally joined Tahirih in 1998, and has re-joined in 2016. As a Senior Immigration Policy Counsel at Tahirih, Irena advocates within all areas of government, which includes lobbying for or against certain laws, drafting and proposing new laws, engaging with high level government decision-makers on policy matters, and initiating impact litigation. Advocacy is always done in a bipartisan manner and may also include outreach and education to stakeholders, and participation in coalitions and working groups with other advocates. Prior to Tahirih, Irena worked as Associate Counsel for the Refugee & Asylum Law Division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Citizenship & Immigration Services and as Division Director for the American Bar Association Commission on Immigration. She also previously worked as the Director of Legal Services for the Tahirih Justice Center.

“Tahirih holds a very special place in my heart both personally and professionally. Tahirih gives voice to the voiceless, by fearlessly exposing a subject that has historically been obscured – violence against women specifically because of their gender. A cornerstone of Tahirih’s mission is that both men and women must engage equally in the struggle against gender-based violence in order to prevail. The wisdom of this premise, as well as the courage inherent in Tahirih’s mission and work, is what inspires and energizes me on a daily basis.”

Education: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, BA; American University, JD

Languages: French, basic Polish and Hebrew

Hometown: Newton, MA