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Posts tagged National
  • Archi Pyati


    April 1st, 2002

    Since May 2021, Archi Pyati has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Tahirih Justice Center, taking on the task of leading Tahirih in its service to more than 30,000 […]

  • A New Life and New Hope


    June 11th, 1998

    She wisecracks like a sassy college kid and teases her lawyer like an older sister. She delivers speeches without notes and tosses off legal phrases without hesitation.

  • In Tijuana, Asylum Seekers Sleep in the Mud, Without Needed Food, Restrooms or Medical Care


    December 20th, 0208

    Tahirih Houston Executive Director Anne Chandler writes about her experience in Tijuana, volunteering to assist Central American migrants as they passed through to seek asylum in the U.S.