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People tagged National
  • Meaghan Whalen

    April 28th, 2022

    Meaghan Whalen joined Tahirih in 2022. As Director of Development in the national office, Meaghan helps support the organization in achieving its fundraising objectives. She brings over a decade of […]

  • Hellitz Villegas

    May 9th, 2021

    Hellitz Villegas joined Tahirih in 2018. As the Forced Marriage Initiative Project Associate, Hellitz provides direct services to individuals in the U.S. facing or fleeing forced marriage, responds to requests […]

  • Casey Swegman

    February 23rd, 2021

    Casey Swegman joined Tahirih in 2013. As the Forced Marriage Initiative Project Manager, Casey oversees the provision of specialized social services and safety planning to individuals facing or fleeing forced […]

  • Irena Sullivan

    February 21st, 2021

    Irena Sullivan originally joined Tahirih in 1998, and has re-joined in 2016. As a Senior Immigration Policy Counsel at Tahirih, Irena advocates within all areas of government, which includes lobbying for […]

  • Tatiana Suftina

    February 21st, 2021

    Tatiana joined Tahirih in 2019. As Senior Finance Manager, Government Grants for our National office, Tatiana is responsible for preparing budgets and grant adjustment notices; preparing and submitting reports to […]

  • Emma Storm

    February 8th, 2021

    Emma joined Tahirih in 2022. As Tahirih’s Digital Communications Manager, Emma is responsible for planning and implementing strategies to grow Tahirih’s digital presence and online communities as part of the […]

  • Rachel Sheridan

    February 8th, 2021

    Rachel joined Tahirih in 2018. As Senior Litigation Counsel on our National team and working in our San Francisco Bay Area office, Rachel supports judicial and administrative appeals, impact litigation, […]