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Tatiana Suftina

Tatiana joined Tahirih in 2019. As Senior Finance Manager, Government Grants for our National office, Tatiana is responsible for preparing budgets and grant adjustment notices; preparing and submitting reports to meet monthly, quarterly and annual compliance requirements; supporting the annual financial audit; and ensuring Tahirih fully leverages grant resources to serve women and girls fleeing violence. Prior to joining Tahirih, Tatiana worked as a Grants Manager at Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice and as a Budget Analyst and Grants Specialist at the Loudoun County Government, Department of Fire and Rescue. Tatiana was born and raised in Moldova and spent 8 years in Toronto, Canada before moving to the United States.

“I am inspired by the variety of services that Tahirih provides to immigrant women and girls helping them flee the violence and start a new life with no fear.”

Education: Moldovan Academy of Economic Studies

Languages: English, Russian, basic French, basic Romanian

Hometown: Chisinau, Moldova