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Hellitz Villegas

Hellitz Villegas joined Tahirih in 2018. As the Forced Marriage Initiative Project Associate, Hellitz provides direct services to individuals in the U.S. facing or fleeing forced marriage, responds to requests for technical assistance nationally, conducts education and outreach, and helps to craft policy solutions. Prior to joining Tahirih, Hellitz worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence as a hotline advocate with the Women’s Center of Jacksonville, Florida’s Rape Recovery Team. In addition, she held several positions with Hubbard House, a domestic violence center in Jacksonville, where she facilitated support groups, conducted intakes for children, and served as a resident advocate in the Hubbard House emergency shelter, providing care to shelter residents and responding to crisis calls on the hotline. Hellitz is also an experienced criminal court victim advocate, assisting clients with intake, protection orders, and relocation as well as providing external referrals. With over eight years of experience in the social advocacy setting, Hellitz’s career has focused on advising those in crisis by providing support in both therapeutic and educational settings.

“I am excited to work for Tahirih as they provide holistic, client-centered services for women and girls to know that a life without violence is possible!”

Education: University of North Florida, BA

Languages: Spanish

Hometown: Bayamón, Puerto Rico