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News tagged Tahirih Updates
  • Tahirih Statement on Sweeping Proposal to Expand Biometrics Collection

    September 10th, 2020

    The administration proposed sweeping regulations that would dramatically expand biometric submission requirements for immigration applications—giving the government maximal information about immigrants and their family members.

  • Victory in Lawsuit Challenging the Use of Border Patrol to Conduct Asylum Screenings

    August 31st, 2020

    On August 31, 2020, Judge Leon in the District Court of the District of Columbia issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the deportation of families and the use of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents to screen asylum seekers for their ‘credible fear’ of persecution while a lawsuit remains pending.

  • Tahirih Condemns Sweeping Proposed Changes to Immigration Courts

    August 24th, 2020

    Last Friday, the administration proposed sweeping regulations to change procedures in immigration court— making it even more difficult for immigrant survivors of violence to seek protection in the United States. […]

  • Ninth Circuit’s Opinion on Matter of A-B-

    August 12th, 2020

    On Friday August 7, 2020, the Ninth Circuit Court issued its opinion on Matter of A-B-. In it, the court safeguards asylum protections for survivors of gender-based violence, despite the […]

  • From the Desk of Edith Zarco

    July 30th, 2020

    Meet Tahirih Baltimore’s Social Services Associate, Edith Zarco

  • From the Desk of Sophie Leveille

    July 8th, 2020

    Tahirih’s development team builds meaningful relationships with advocates and connects with supporters to educate them about the impact of our work. Their support and resources enable us to provide free […]

  • Voces de Sobrevivientes: María

    July 7th, 2020

    Soy guatemalteca y vengo de una familia humilde e indígena. Casi toda mi vida ha sido de sufrimiento y muchas veces de carencia. Estoy aquí como un ejemplo para las mujeres y las madres, sobrevivientes que han hecho todo lo posible para protegerse y proteger a sus hijos.