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According to recent reports, Texas state troopers have separated at least 26 families at the southern border under Texas’s Operation Lone Star. Texas Governor Abbot continues to exercise inhumane and cruel tactics against people seeking safety in the United States. 

In response to recent reports on the separation of families, Katharina Dechert, Houston Policy and Advocacy Manager at the Tahirih Justice Center, said the following: 

“We are deeply disturbed and saddened by recent reports that families have been separated by Texas authorities at the border. This is the latest in a series of inhumane deterrence tactics utilized by Texas state officials against families seeking safety, including installing razor wire barriers and pushing migrants back into the river. Most migrants, particularly women and girls, as well as LGBTQI+ folks, already experience violence and trauma on their journey to the border to find safety – it is heartbreaking that they are facing further trauma and violence at the hands of U.S. and Texas border agents. We urge Governor Abbott to end these cruel practices and ask the federal government to quickly reunite separated families and avoid unnecessary delays in its investigation into Operation Lone Star.”