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Q: Why did you join Tahirih’s Pro Bono Network?
A: When Kirkland & Ellis opened our office in Houston in 2014, I was seeking to continue my work with immigrant victims of domestic violence, which was a focal point of my pro bono efforts when I practiced in Chicago. Since the early days of our relationship, Tahirih has been a terrific fit, not only for me, but for the many other Houston-based Kirkland attorneys who have worked on Tahirih matters. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many of Tahirih's well-deserving clients.
Q: Share a highlight from a pro bono case with Tahirih.
A: The most memorable case was my first with Tahirih. My client was a mother of three who was repeatedly humiliated and beaten at the hands of her abusive husband. She had the courage to stand up for what was right when there was tremendous risk in her doing so. Being a part of her and her sons' recovery, by guiding her through the process of applying for work authorization and being put on a path to citizenship, was incredibly gratifying. It was undoubtedly a positive inflection point in her life and each of her children's lives.
Q: How has your pro bono service impacted you?
A: After witnessing the incredible impact of our initial work with Tahirih and its clients, I have been inspired to do more. Thankfully, since the time of our initial matters, our office has grown exponentially and our ability to assist Tahirih and its clients has increased substantially. I'm very proud of our work with Tahirih. It’s always a pleasure to introduce new Kirkland lawyers into the Tahirih family.

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  • Chelsea E. O’Sullivan
    Associate Attorney
    Venable LLP
    It has been incredibly rewarding to see my client gain confidence in herself. I am her lawyer, but she is also her own advocate.
  • Maria Segarra
    Immigration Attorney
    Law Office of Maria Segarra
    My life is fuller and more meaningful because of my Tahirih clients.
  • Mimi Dennis
    Crowell & Moring LLP
    There's nothing like the feeling of knowing you are helping someone who truly needs a hand.