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Q: Why did you join Tahirih's Pro Bono Network?
A: Having been aware of the history of the organization, founded as a result of the seminal work to provide protections for those fleeing female genital mutilation, and the strong reputation subsequently developed providing resources for women in need of immigration protections, it was an easy choice to align with and support Tahirih’s work.
Q: Share a highlight from a pro bono case with Tahirih.
A: I will never forget walking out of the Immigration Officer’s office and into the lobby of USCIS, my client and I both trying to maintain our professionalism only to fall on each other in joy the second the door closed to celebrate the news she could begin her path to citizenship. Our long journey together had ended, but her new life had begun, and it was an immeasurable pleasure to have been a part of the process and witness the outcome.
Q: How has your pro bono service impacted you?
A: Through my work with Tahirih, I’ve met and developed relationships with brave women facing tremendous odds who stand strong and move forward with their lives with their heads unbowed. Engaging with Tahirih has taught me what bravery looks like.

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  • Lisa A. Harig
    Stinson Leonard Street LLP
    My case has given me a new understanding of the challenges facing women and children navigating the immigration system.
  • Angi Li
    Covington & Burling LLP
    It is humbling to work with clients who reflect hope and optimism in the face of hardship, and an honor to help them reach a better place.
  • Caroline Stewart
    Litigation Associate
    Vinson & Elkins LLP
    My pro bono work has opened my eyes to the dire need for attorneys to assist in immigration proceedings.