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Posts tagged Impact
  • 10 Tahirih Justice Center Victories of 2014


    January 21st, 2015

    As we begin a new year, we would like to take a moment to celebrate some of our top achievements in 2014. Your support throughout the year made these accomplishments possible – thank you! We anticipate many more opportunities to make an impact in the lives of immigrant women and girls in 2015.

  • NOW AVAILABLE: Winter 2015 Newsletter


    December 18th, 2014

    Thank you for making 2014 a huge success! Learn more about what we’ve been up to this winter.

  • Please Stand by a Courageous Woman or Girl in 2015


    November 25th, 2014

    Born out of wedlock and orphaned by her mother in Mexico City, Gloria grew up without knowing what it felt like to be loved. At age 14, she was homeless and was forced to drop out of school to support herself. She was vulnerable to predators like her boyfriend. He betrayed her and sold her to one of the most violent gangs in the world, Los Zetas. Women and girls like Gloria need you now. Can you answer a plea for help this holiday season?

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  • NOW AVAILABLE: Fall 2014 Newsletter


    November 20th, 2014

    Learn more about what we’ve been doing this fall to protect immigrant women and girls in communities, courts, and Congress.

  • Staff Spotlight: Salma Hasan, Rosenberg Public Interest Fellow


    November 20th, 2014

    Though it may seem like a small moment, one of my favorite memories at Tahirih is one of my first retainer signings. All I did that day was explain to the client that we were taking her case and cover the different agreements to be signed, but what was so memorable was the glow on both her and her mother’s faces.

  • How We Quintupled Our Impact in 2013


    September 23rd, 2014

    Our growing Pro Bono Network of attorneys, doctors, and other professionals donated nearly $13 million in services in 2013, setting a historic record of generosity at Tahirih and turning every $1 donated into $5 of lifesaving impact.

  • I Support Tahirih


    August 27th, 2014

    The people who power Tahirih—clients, board members, donors, pro bono attorneys, staff, volunteers, and other vital partners—tell you why they support our mission.