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Tahirih Pro Bono Network Webinar Policy Updates & Intermediate Issues in T -Visa Applications, Aug. 18, 2021

This month our August Pro Bono webinar digs deeper on issues in T visas with a webinar that builds upon our March 2020 presentation on T visa Nuts and Bolts. As we continue to see Requests for Evidence issued on nuanced aspects of the T visa filing, we want to equip you with practice pointers on intermediate issues such as:


  • The “present on account of” element;
  • Distinctions between trafficking and domestic violence relationships that followed; and
  • Present danger of retaliation for derivatives.


As this is an intermediate webinar, we will not cover basic elements of the T visa. Sasha Bershad, a supervising attorney in our Greater DC ─ Baltimore Regional office, will lead the webinar and you will also hear from Richard Calderone, Tahirih Litigation Counsel, about policy and litigation updates.

You can find the recording of the webinar here.

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