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WASHINGTON, DC — At Tahirih’s 19th Annual Gala on April 14, Tahirih’s Baltimore Director Morgan Weibel invited four women to the stage who embody compassion and dedication to brave women and girls in Baltimore.

“Baltimore has been in the press in recent years for issues of violence and injustice. It’s true that the city faces structural racism, income disparity, and injustice, but it does not face these alone. Baltimore is a diverse and vibrant microcosm for the issues our country faces as a whole. What you don’t see in the press is that for every injustice, there are the tenfold acts of kindness, of bravery, of solidarity,” said Weibel.

Attorneys Ashleigh Lynn, Colleen Mallon, and Lillian Reynolds of Venable LLP partnered with Tahirih to help a woman from The Gambia, a doctor, who fled her country to escape the horrors of female genital mutilation/cutting.

At the time she fled, she was pregnant with a baby girl, and was determined to spare her daughter from the life-threatening procedure.

When the client had to move out of Maryland for financial reasons, the team flew out to the client’s new home, determined to see her case through. Thanks to their efforts, the woman was granted asylum. In going above and beyond, these three helped to save two generations of women.

Weibel also highlighted Blanca Picazo, Baltimore’s 2016 Volunteer Service Awardee, whose leadership and compassion created a safe haven for survivors of gender-based violence to feel heard, and empowered.

In 2015, Tahirih Baltimore protected 328 courageous women and girls along with their family members through free legal and social services, and trained over 500 community members and professionals to serve the needs of vulnerable immigrant women and girls.

“Together,” Morgan told a packed ballroom at the gala, “we make Baltimore safer not just for women and girls, but for everyone.”

Pro Bono Attorneys of the Year: Colleen Mallon, Ashleigh Lynn, and Lillian Reynolds of Venable LLP

Colleen Mallon

Colleen Mallon

Ashleigh Lynn

Ashleigh Lynn

Lillian Reynolds, Associate, Venable LLP

Lillian Reynolds

Volunteer Service Award: Blanca Picazo

Blanca Picazo

Blanca Picazo

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