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A team of dedicated attorneys who didn’t let distance slow down a client’s victory.

The daughter of refugees from Nazi persecution who now dedicates her life to serving women fleeing horrific violence.

A doctor who is breaking down barriers to healthcare for courageous survivors.

Tahirih Justice Center is proud to introduce you to its 19th Annual Gala Honorees. These outstanding servants to immigrant women and girls fleeing violence in Baltimore and Greater DC will be honored on April 14 at Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, DC, where hundreds of advocates for women and girls will gather for the inspirational gala, “Saving Lives, Celebrating Courage.”

Tahirih’s lifesaving work in communities, courts, and Congress would not be possible without an army of volunteers who are willing to stand up for justice. Those being recognized have donated their invaluable time and expertise to protect courageous women and girls, providing them with services ranging from direct legal representation and language interpretation to medical care. Their high-quality services are vital to our clients as they rebuild their lives free from violence, and enable Tahirih to turn every $1 donated into $4 of lifesaving impact for women and girls.

Please join Tahirih in celebrating the following honorees:


Pro Bono Attorneys of the Year: Colleen Mallon, Ashleigh Lynn, and Lillian Reynolds of Venable LLP

Colleen Mallon

Colleen Mallon

Ashleigh Lynn

Ashleigh Lynn

Lillian Reynolds, Associate, Venable LLP

Lillian Reynolds

“Our pro bono service has given us a new perspective on the American Dream. It has made us aware of the many women and children who desperately need assistance to achieve their humble dream of living free of violence and oppression.”
— Baltimore Pro Bono Attorneys of the Year

This dedicated team of pro bono attorneys went above and beyond to help a courageous Tahirih client win asylum. They represented a doctor from The Gambia who fled her country to escape female genital mutilation/cutting. At the time of her escape, she was pregnant with a baby girl, and she was determined to protect her daughter from the life-threatening practice. When the client had to move out of Maryland for financial reasons, the Venable team was still determined to see the case to closure. They flew to the client’s new home to complete her asylum application. Today, the client is pursuing an American medical license and hopes to obtain a medical residency position soon so she can practice medicine in the United States. Colleen, Ashleigh, and Lillian’s compassion and commitment to championing the rights of women make it an honor for Tahirih to recognize them as Attorneys of the Year. Thank you, Colleen, Ashleigh, and Lillian!

Volunteer Service Award: Blanca Picazo

Blanca Picazo

Blanca Picazo

Blanca Picazo’s leadership in Spanish-speaking client support groups has created a safe, supportive space for clients to feel heard and to explore the impact that domestic violence has had on their lives. She has also provided interpretation and translation services for Tahirih staff attorneys. Her contribution to Tahirih clients is invaluable, and Baltimore’s growing staff is grateful for her skills and dedication. Thank you, Blanca!


Pro Bono Law Firm of the Year: Dechert LLP
For nearly a decade, Dechert LLP has been a committed partner to Tahirih, compassionately and effectively representing survivors of gender-based violence. Their office has taken on even more Tahirih cases recently, due to a firm-wide focus on providing pro bono services to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. Tahirih is privileged to recognize Dechert LLP for its steadfast service to our clients.

“Dechert’s partnership with Tahirih has benefited dozens of women and girls escaping violence. Tahirih’s incredible expertise and thoughtful co-counseling allows our attorneys to work as a team to provide the best representation possible for these courageous survivors.”
— Paul Lee, Dechert Pro Bono Program Manager

Pro Bono Attorney of the Year: Rwanda Campbell

Rwanda Campbell

Rwanda Campbell

Rwanda Campbell has been a dedicated partner to Tahirih for many years, taking on complex cases for some of Tahirih’s most traumatized clients with zeal and compassion. She has also taken a leadership role in Arnold & Porter LLP’s signature project to help former Tahirih clients and their children become permanent U.S. residents. Thank you, Rwanda!

“Working with these women and families is so rewarding both personally and professionally. The courage and strength these women display in seeking a better life for themselves and their families inspires me.”
— Rwanda Campbell

Volunteer Service Award: Veronique Silverman

Veronique Silverman, Volunteer Attorney

Veronique Silverman

Veronique Silverman is a retired senior legal executive with a large multinational company. As the daughter of refugees from Nazi persecution, she always held a strong interest in humanitarian immigration issues. For the past two years, Veronique has been a part-time volunteer immigration attorney with Tahirih Justice Center, guiding multiple survivors of violence on the journey to justice. She often provides French interpretation and translation to staff members, and she recently partnered with the communications team to translate key information for survivors on into French. Tahirih is grateful for her remarkable work. Thank you, Veronique!

“Of all the non-profits that I have been associated with, Tahirih is one of the most well-managed and thoughtful organizations that I’ve worked with.”
— Veronique Silverman

Pro Bono Medical Award: Laurie E. Duncan MD, FACP, MS

Laurie E. Duncan MD, FACP, MS

Laurie E. Duncan MD, FACP, MS

Dr. Laurie Duncan is being honored for her integral work with Tahirih’s Medical Advocacy Project, which she helped to launch in 2014. The project seeks to increase our clients’ access to quality, survivor-informed medical services, and its ambitious goals were established through an in-depth client survey that identified common barriers that immigrant women and girls face when accessing medical care. With Dr. Duncan’s help, our social services staff were able to enroll 90% of eligible clients in Affordable Care Act insurance programs in 2015. This is a major victory for clients who were unfamiliar with the complex U.S. medical system, struggled to overcome language barriers, and had nowhere to turn for healthcare. Dr. Duncan has served as a medical adviser to Tahirih Justice Center since 2007, dedicating her time, professional network, and clinical expertise to our mission to end violence against women. Thank you, Dr. Duncan!

“My commitment to Tahirih’s Medical Advocacy Project stems from my belief that access to quality, affordable healthcare is a basic human right and not a privilege.”
—Laurie E. Duncan MD, FACP, MS

Join our amazing honorees for an evening you won’t forget. Purchase your ticket by April 1!