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BP America, Inc., received Tahirih Houston’s Community Partner of the Year Award on Sept. 20 at the 2014 Tahirih Houston Gala, “Saving Lives, Celebrating Courage,” for its generous financial support of Tahirih’s mission to protect courageous immigrant women and girls who have rejected violence.

Hans Boas, Senior Counsel for BP America, Inc., accepted the award Saturday at the Houstonian Hotel on behalf of the energy corporation. Boas also serves as the chair of the BP Pro Bono Committee. In that role, he has rallied support for Tahirih and its lifesaving programs.

As a result of BP America’s investments, Tahirih Houston has increased the number of women and girls it can assist in fleeing extreme forms of violence, such as female genital mutilation, rape, torture, human trafficking, honor crimes, and forced marriage.

In 2012, BP generously co-sponsored Equal Justice Works Fellow Kristin Bochicchio as a two-year, in-house staff attorney. In her short tenure with Tahirih Houston, Bochicchio provided full and free legal representation to more than 50 women and girls trying to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity in the wake of extreme violence.

In addition to financial support, BP provides pro bono assistance by participating in Tahirih’s training clinics for pro bono attorneys, generously donating the time and resources of its staff.

This year, Tahirih is thrilled to continue its relationship with BP America as they co-sponsor a second Equal Justice Works Fellow, Libby Hasse.