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Sponsored by BP and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Libby Hasse

Q: Why did you join Tahirih?
A: The first immigration case that I worked on in law school was a gender-based asylum case. My client was the strongest person that I had ever met, and she deserved our help so much. That’s when I realized how important this work is. When I heard about Tahirih’s mission and its focus on gender-based violence, I knew that I wanted to work here.

Q: Share a highlight from your service with us.
A: I’ve only been at Tahirih for a short time, so most of my clients are still awaiting decisions on their cases. But I cherish each small victory—getting a work permit approved, getting a court case terminated, getting a client out of detention. I recently filed T visa application for a woman who has suffered more than 20 years of violence at the hands of many perpetrators. We have faced many obstacles in her case, and she is still detained, but it is worth it because of her huge smile each time I go to visit her at detention and the way she tells me “thank you” each time that I see her.

Q: How has your work at Tahirih impacted you?
A: My work at Tahirih has allowed me to grow so much as an attorney. I face new challenges every day, but I don’t face them alone. I have the support of some of the most dedicated, caring, and intelligent people that I have ever met. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Thank you BP and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP for sponsoring this Equal Justice Works Fellowship so that Tahirih can serve more immigrant women and girls fleeing violence.