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Posts tagged Policy Advocacy
  • Tahirih Calls on Congress to End Inhumane Detention of Traumatized Mothers and Children


    January 23rd, 2015

    Angela’s* son turned 3 inside the confines of a crowded detention center. He was stuck there, along with hundreds of other mothers and children fleeing violence in Central America.

  • Congressional Briefing Will Raise Awareness of Inhumane Detention of Traumatized Women and Children


    January 20th, 2015

    Advocates for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are deeply concerned about the harmful impact of family detention centers on already traumatized immigrant women and children fleeing violence.

  • Report Finds Law to Protect Foreign Brides Has Not Been Fully Implemented


    December 18th, 2014

    Almost a decade has elapsed since Congress passed the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, but U.S. agencies have yet to fully implement and enforce the federal law to safeguard so-called “mail-order” brides from abuse and exploitation, according to a report issued last week.

  • Tour to End Forced Marriage Heads to Chicago


    December 15th, 2014

    Young women speak out in Chicago against forced marriage and gender-based violence as part of national awareness-raising tour A group of South Asian artists and advocates, members of Pomegranate Tree […]

  • It Has to Stop: Warehousing Women and Children is Inhumane


    December 14th, 2014

    When Maria talks about how escaping her abuser has meant ending up in jail with her daughter, she can’t hold back her tears. Before more jails for women and children spring up across the country, our nation needs to hear 2-year-old Sophie cough and watch 18-year-old Maria cry, like I did.

  • Canadian Bill to Combat Forced Marriage Raises Concerns


    December 4th, 2014

    As the leading U.S. organization advocating for better protection and support for domestic forced marriage victims, Tahirih welcomes the Canadian government’s commitment to address these fundamental human rights abuses, but has concerns about the bill itself and the ways it may be interpreted and applied.

  • Performers Shed Light on Forced Marriage


    December 3rd, 2014

    The fourth installment of “Honoring Our Heartbeats: A Tour to End Forced Marriage in the U.S.,” which took place at the Rutgers University Institute for Women’s Leadership, incorporated two short films, a skit performance and an open panel discussion to talk about forced marriages and similar forms of domestic abuse.