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Posts tagged Tahirih Updates
  • Tahirih Opens Third Office in Baltimore


    April 1st, 2010

    New office opens in response to great need in Baltimore region for Tahirih’s lifesaving legal services for immigrant women and girls fleeing gender-based violence.

  • Sandra’s Story Underscores Urgent Need for Tahirih’s Holistic Services


    March 26th, 2010

    It didn’t take Sandra long to learn that her new husband had lied about his status as a citizen in the United States. But it was too late for her to save herself from an abusive marriage.

  • Tahirih Houston Builds Support for I-VAWA


    March 12th, 2010

    If passed, I-VAWA will, for the first time in United States history, make ending violence against women a diplomatic priority and incorporate comprehensive solutions aimed at ending domestic violence into all US foreign assistance programs.

  • Federal Bill Introduced to Eliminate Arbitrary Asylum Deadline that Harms Survivors


    March 11th, 2010

    Proposed legislation would put an end to the one-year filing deadline for asylum. The deadline can have devastating consequences for women and girls seeking refuge from gender-based persecution.

  • A Note From Layli: Year End Reflections


    December 8th, 2009

    As a mother, I know that there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do to protect and feed your child. Parents all over the world are united in their primordial instincts to protect their children. It is this same impulse to safeguard one’s family that motivates our clients to flee horrific forms of violence and come to us seeking help.

  • City of Houston Welcomes New Tahirih Office at Inaugural Reception


    November 30th, 2009

    Tahirih Justice Center celebrated the opening of its Houston office with an inaugural reception attended by more than 130 members of the Houston corporate, nonprofit, academic, and religious communities.

  • Department of Justice Reveals Failure to Enforce 2006 Law to Protect Foreign Brides from Abuse


    October 16th, 2009

    As long as IMBRA implementation and enforcement is lagging, vulnerable foreign women who meet American men through IMBs will remain dangerously unaware of lifesaving information about a future partner’s violent criminal history and about their legal rights.