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October 19, 2017
domestic violence, rape

Linda was raised in a small village in Central America where she met her boyfriend, Milton. Their relationship was happy at first, but soon Milton became increasingly violent and Linda suffered beatings, humiliation, and even rape.  For years she felt trapped, not knowing how to find safety while protecting her children.

Finally, Linda had had enough of Milton’s abuse and fled to another town to seek safety. But Milton found her and threatened to kill her if she ever tried to leave him again.

Knowing the danger of trying to relocate inside her country, and knowing there was little the police would do to help her, Linda’s only choice was to flee to the U.S. leaving her children behind.

It was the most difficult thing she’d ever had to do, but Linda persevered in order to save her life. Once in the U.S., she was held in detention under excruciating circumstances, but still, she didn’t give up.

Linda found the Tahirih Justice Center, who placed her case with a team of dedicated pro bono attorneys. After her first asylum petition was denied, Linda’s legal team appealed her case to the highest immigration court in the country, supporting her throughout the long process. At the same time, Tahirih’s social services team worked tirelessly to advocate for Linda to gain access to vital benefits for which she was eligible.

After years of uncertainty, and with her Tahirih attorneys by her side, Linda finally achieved true safety when her case was approved. She was ultimately able to end the cycle of violence by petitioning for her children to join her in the U.S.

Names may have been changed to protect client privacy and safety. Photo may not depict actual client.

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