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Posts tagged Complaint
  • Tahirih Sues USCIS for Unreasonable Delays in Asylum Applications


    April 11th, 2023

    On April 7, Tahirih and pro bono counsel Orrick filed a lawsuit against USCIS for its failure to timely process asylum applications. The seventeen Tahirih clients who are plaintiffs in the litigation filed their applications at least five years ago and continue to await adjudication, despite the completion of many later-filed applications. Delays in asylum adjudication compound the stress and hardship of survivors, and Tahirih and Orrick look forward to vindicating the rights of these survivors to timely adjudication of their meritorious claims for relief.

  • Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit on USCIS’ “Last-in, First-out” System


    June 10th, 2021

    On June 9, 2021, the Tahirih Justice Center filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in federal court to compel the government to release records about the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ […]

  • Complaint Challenging Regulations to Change Immigration Court Procedures


    January 20th, 2021

    The Tahirih Justice Center filed a lawsuit challenging the outgoing administration’s wide-ranging regulations to change procedures in immigration court, which make it even more difficult for immigrant survivors of violence […]

  • Complaint Challenging Sweeping Regulations That Would End Asylum


    January 15th, 2021

    Tahirih Justice Center and Ayuda filed a lawsuit challenging the outgoing administration’s sweeping regulations that will overturn U.S. asylum law.  

  • Complaint Challenging the Use of CBP to Conduct Credible Fear Interviews


    April 6th, 2020

    On March 30, 2020, Tahirih filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the use of Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents to screen asylum seekers for their ‘credible fear’ of persecution. […]

  • Complaint Challenging “Safe Third Country” Rule


    January 15th, 2020

    On January 15, 2020, the Tahirih Justice Center filed a lawsuit challenging the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security’s “safe third country” rule. Issued on November 18, 2019, without prior […]

  • Complaint Challenging the Use of Border Patrol to Conduct Asylum Interviews


    October 4th, 2019

    On October 2, the Tahirih Justice Center and the American Immigration Council filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and U.S. Customs and […]