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Meredith Kiryakov

Meredith joined Tahirih in 2019 as a grant writer. In 2022, Meredith joined the communications team as the Communications Coordinator/Writer where she supports Tahirih’s work through content creation and project management. Prior to joining Tahirih, Meredith served as a Senior Program Associate at IBTCI, a USAID contractor, and as a Research Assistant at Democracy International. Meredith has studied and worked abroad in Spain and Kenya.

“I am inspired by the courageous immigrant survivors of gender-based violence that Tahirih serves who are overcoming incredible obstacles to build better, safer lives for themselves and their families, and by the tireless work of my colleagues to support them and raise awareness about gender-based violence.”

Education: George Washington University, MA; University of Virginia, BA

Languages: Spanish

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia