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Julissa Garza

Julissa joined Tahirih in 2024. As the Major Gifts Officer, Julie is responsible for implementing new strategies that deepen relationships with Tahirih’s current and prospective donors, broaden the base of support, and increase donor contributions and retention to support Tahirih’s programs and services. Prior to joining Tahirih, Julie served as the Area Director at Best Buddies International. Julie is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

As a daughter of immigrants and first generation graduate, I am inspired by Tahirih’s vision of a gender-equal society and commitment to excellence in serving courageous immigrant women, like my mother. My first language was Spanish and I was bullied for not knowing English. However, I was determined to learn and did so in just three short months. I am college graduate who is proud to be bilingual! It has become my personal mission to educate donors and our community on the immigrant journey and why Tahirih’s mission is so important.

Education: University of Texas at Arlington

Languages: English, Spanish

Hometown: Houston, Texas