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Dulce Jacobo

Portrait of Dulce Jacobo smilingDulce joined Tahirih in 2021. As the Senior Social Services Advocate in the Atlanta office, Dulce conducts biopsychosocial needs assessments for Tahirih clients. She collaborates with the legal and social service teams to provide trauma-informed and client-centered services. Dulce provides crisis intervention, safety planning and education on victim’s rights to Tahirih clients. She collaborates with various community agents to connect service seekers to the necessary resources that can empower them and support them through their journey. Prior to joining Tahirih, Dulce worked as a Medical Social Worker in interdisciplinary medical teams at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Georgia. Throughout her work experience she conducted biopsychosocial assessments, crisis intervention and comprehensive care coordination services by advocating and connecting patients to various resources. Dulce was part of a study abroad summer program in Costa Rica during her undergraduate years at Georgia State University. She analyzed the difference in policies and implementation of social services between Costa Rica and the USA.

“I am inspired by Tahirih’s mission to create a more gender equitable world and their commitment to empower immigrant women and girls. As an immigrant myself and a daughter of immigrants, I’m passionate about immigrant rights and through my work I seek to be of service to my community. I’m grateful to be part of Tahirih’s mission to advocate, empower and raise awareness about the complex challenges faced by immigrant women and girls.”

Education: Columbia University, MSW

Languages: Spanish, English

Hometown: Atlanta, GA