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Tahirih Bighearted Campaign

Donate Now!When our brave client Reha* took a stand to reject violence and protect her daughter from female genital mutilation/cutting, her life became a nightmare. The community she’d known her whole life turned against her. She suffered multiple violent attacks and terrifying death threats. But still she refused to let herself or her daughter be a victim of violence, and fled to the U.S.

When she arrived in Houston, however, her troubles weren’t over. The complicated U.S. immigration system made it incredibly difficult to apply for asylum.

With help from Tahirih Justice Center, supported by incredibly generous people like you, she and her daughter were able to rebuild their lives in safety and with dignity.

But not all stories like Reha’s have a happy ending.

Without legal representation, immigrant women and girls like Reha only have little more than a 1% chance of winning asylum.**

Tahirih has a 99% litigation success rate, and your support is key to this success. Help make it possible for more women and girls like Reha to access justice! Their refusal to accept a life of violence transforms the world, one person, one family, and one community at a time.

Make a world of difference in the life of a vulnerable woman or girl, give a lifesaving gift to the Tahirih Bighearted Campaign today!

**Source: TRAC Immigration