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This article was originally published in The Daily Record Maryland Family Law Update. You can access the original article here:

Tahirih Baltimore’s Immigration and Family Law Staff Attorney, Daniella Pozzo, appeared on the cover of The Daily Record’s April 2017 Maryland Family Law Update. Pozzo spoke with The Daily Record for the issue’s feature story on how recent shifts in immigration enforcement have impacted immigrant families.

“I get calls every week from clients who are terrified of going to the courts,” she told The Daily Record.

Much of the story focused on how family lawyers can help undocumented immigrants form contingency plans in the event that they are deported and separated from their children. Pozzo shared her expertise on this topic and highlighted the issue of assigning guardianship or kinship care, which is a critical part of this planning process.

“We encourage parents to do this now, because we don’t know when it’s (removal or deportation) going to happen,” Pozzo said.

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