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This article was originally published in Al Jazeera English on June 26, 2017. You can access the original article here:

Jeanne Smoot, Senior Counsel for Policy and Strategy at the Tahirih Justice Center, joined Al Jazeera English’s The Stream to discuss the growing momentum in the campaign to end child marriage across the United States and why there is resistance in some states to changing minimum marriage age laws.

“We are facing a battle, not only in educating people in the US as to what the problem of child marriage is, but also what the nature and scope of the solution is that’s needed and that it’s not enough to have a court interview here, or one safeguard there. We need a combination of factors, hopefully an age floor of 18 and a judicial process that’s really robust and ends in emancipation,” said Smoot.

Don’t miss this powerful conversation featuring child marriage survivor advocates and experts. Watch the full video here.