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This article was originally published in CNN on September 30, 2018. You can access the original article here:

Former Tahirih client, Aracely, and Tahirih Chief of Policy, Archi Pyati, were interviewed about the effects of the numerous immigration policies which will inevitably harm survivors of domestic violence.

“The cumulative effect is that I think women are more afraid than ever to come forward,” said Pyati.

“Getting to that point takes every ounce of courage a woman has, for a woman to be able to climb out of that hole and break free from violence,” Pyati continued. “The more that the door shuts, the more darkness she feels, the more isolated she feels, the more we are just putting weapons in the hands of her abuser.”

Aracely has already gained protection in the U.S., after fleeing Honduras after being tortured for many years by her abuser.

“It makes me feel very sad because I wouldn’t want for mothers like me to suffer, knowing that they want to come to seek protection in this country, and they are denying them this opportunity to be able to live in peace and save their children,” Aracely told CNN.

“One is willing to take the risk of so many dangers along the way, above all, because of the desire to feel protected in this country.”

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