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Tahirih Justice Center client Aracely spoke with NPR’s Morning Edition for this story about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent moves to reconsider who qualifies for asylum protection in the United States.

Aracely’s story began in Honduras, where she lived with her family in a small community. At age 15, a man in her village known for his violent temper kidnapped her, raping and torturing her for days until she could escape. His abuse continued for years, until one day, in a fit of jealous rage, he shot Aracely in the head, killed her two sons, and then killed himself. Aracely miraculously survived, but her abuser’s family blamed her for his death and threatened to kill her. She tried escaping to another part of Honduras, but his family found her.

Aracely’s only chance to stay alive was to flee to the United States, where she was granted asylum. She bravely shared her story with NPR to show how long-standing legal protections have saved the lives of heroic women and children fleeing brutal violence.

Listen to the full NPR story here.