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Dear Friends,

This marks my 20th year as CEO of the Tahirih Justice Center and, with great pride for the past and enthusiasm for a new future, I have decided that it will be my last.

While it has been an honor of a lifetime to serve as CEO, I have long known, both for the growth of the organization and for my own professional growth, that I would not stay past 20 years. I have been actively planning my transition over the last few years and working formally with the board on succession since early Fall of 2020. The board of directors has been working with expert consultants in non-profit transitions, evaluating our succession options, and thoughtfully mapping out next steps.

I am thrilled to share that Archi Pyati has been named my successor and will be taking over as CEO in May 2021. I will stay on at Tahirih as the Senior Advisor to the CEO through the end of the year to ensure a smooth transition and provide support. You can read more about this exciting announcement in our press release.

Archi has been a leader at Tahirih for the past seven years, most recently as our Chief of Policy and Communications. For nearly two decades, she has been a distinguished leader in the human rights advocacy community, a leading expert in immigration law, and a sought-after champion of survivor rights. She has managed public policy campaigns, designed key legislation and impact litigation, provided sought-after expertise to the media, and served as a strategic and well-respected internal manager. I have complete confidence in Archi’s exceptional leadership and thrilled that her deep wisdom, distinguished expertise, and strategic vision will lead Tahirih into its next successful chapter. Learn more about Archi in her extended biography.

I recognize that, over the years, Tahirih has come to be closely identified with me, and that, as a Bahá’í, I have played an important role in Tahirih’s Bahá’í-inspired nature. I want to assure you that there are concrete plans in place to ensure the continuity of Tahirih’s Bahá’í-inspired values. And I want to make sure you know that Tahirih’s almost 100 staff in five cities across the country are the real leaders and the ones who make our advocacy on behalf of immigrant women and girls possible. They will continue to lead and capably run the organization well beyond my presence. I have complete confidence in the continued effectiveness, efficiency, and transformative power of our work and in the heroic leadership of Tahirih’s staff.

Violence against women remains as rampant as it did when I founded Tahirih and the legal and structural challenges facing immigrant women are even more acute. Our battle for a just world continues and your support is critically important. Thank you for your continued support of the courageous survivors we serve, particularly during this time of transition.

In service,

Layli Miller-Muro
CEO and Founder