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Tahirih Justice Center is proud to welcome three distinguished individuals to our Board of Directors: Shira Saperstein, a Principal at Conway Strategic, Payam Zamani, Founder and CEO of Reply! Inc., and Felicité Mikanda, a former Tahirih client.

“I’ve been an admirer of Tahirih since it was founded. As the organization has grown, it has continued to impress and inspire me. I’m honored to be a member of the board and to contribute to Tahirih’s important work protecting immigrant women and girls,” Saperstein said.

With offices in the Baltimore, Greater DC, and Houston, Tahirih is a national non-profit that protects courageous immigrant women and girls refusing to be victims of violence by providing free, holistic legal services and advocacy in communities, courts, and Congress.

“Helping immigrant women get legal status in this country is more helpful than giving them money or anything else. I am so grateful for what Tahirih did for me, and for what they are doing for so many others. I’m happy to be on the board of directors and to help make an impact on the future of Tahirih,” said former Tahirih client and new board member Felicité Mikanda.

The three new members began their service Feb. 11 in Washington, D.C., where they join 15 current board members who shepherd Tahirih’s legacy of protecting immigrant women and girls in the United States from violence. The Tahirih Board of Directors plays a crucial role in supporting and guiding the organization. Its members provide issue-area expertise surrounding the legal challenges faced by Tahirih’s clients and contribute significant management, consulting, policy, and fundraising experience.

Members include an array of professionals working in law, corporate, medical, entertainment, and nonprofit sectors from around the country. All have chosen to dedicate their time and knowledge to helping Tahirih protect immigrant women and girls fleeing violence.

Meet Tahirih’s Newest Board Members

Felicité Mikanda
Mikanda holds an LLM in International Human Rights from St. Thomas University in Miami. Since Tahirih helped her gain legal status, she has been providing volunteer interpretation services to Tahirih’s clients. Currently, she is a school bus driver in Maryland, but she is looking for a job in which she can use her degree.

Shira Saperstein

As Principal at Conway Strategic, Saperstein spearheads their consulting in program strategy and design, collaborating with human rights and social justice nonprofits and foundations on organizational development, capacity building, board development, and strategic planning. Prior to her current position, she was the Program Director for Women’s Rights and Reproductive Health at the Moriah Fund.

Payam Zamani

Zamani is the Founder and CEO of Reply! Inc. He is an internet pioneer, an entrepreneur, husband, and father of two girls. He’s been in the Internet world since 1994 when he co-founded, the first online car buying service, and has since founded several other online ventures.