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This article was originally published on April 21, 2020.

Yesterday, the administration announced a proposed executive order that would temporarily suspend all immigration to the United States. The Tahirih Justice Center is deeply concerned by this news and continues to monitor for policy updates.

“Any executive order that suspends access to protection and benefits for immigrants will mean more vulnerability to illness, homelessness, and death,” said Archi Pyati, Tahirih Chief of Policy and Communications. “Already at-risk groups like immigrant survivors of violence, who are among the communities hardest hit by the pandemic, will be further marginalized. People are suffering across the country because of an unprecedented global health crisis and its impact on our economy— not because of immigrants”.

As the administration focuses on restricting immigration to the U.S., the detention and deportation of immigrants continue, which have become hot spots for the spread of the virus— endangering other countries and making all our communities less safe.

“Now is the time to focus on the oneness of our humanity, and stand together with immigrants and survivors of violence,” said Pyati. “Policies that keep refugees out, lock immigrants up in warehouses where viruses can spread quickly, or deport individuals to unsafe areas of the globe are inhumane and unconscionable.”