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Today, the Supreme Court agreed to hear challenges against the administration’s policy ‘Remain in Mexico’, which has forced more than 60,000 asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases are pending. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court allowed ‘Remain in Mexico’ to stay in effect along the entire border as legal challenges against the policy continue. The Tahirih Justice Center is one of the organizational plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging the policy, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union.

“Under ‘Remain in Mexico’, asylum seekers in need of safe haven have been sent back into danger, including women fleeing rape and severe domestic violence, LGBTQ+ individuals facing deadly attacks, and families fleeing persecution,” said Archi Pyati, Tahirih Chief of Policy and Communications. “This policy has done irreparable harm to survivors of life-threatening violence who cannot return home safely. Tahirih staff members who have visited the border confirmed that there is an extreme lack of access to legal counsel and trauma-informed care. The right to seek asylum is enshrined in international law and this program must be ended in its entirety.”

Archi Pyati is available for comment on this topic. Please contact [email protected] to arrange an interview.