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The Tahirih Justice Center was honored to take part in City of Immigrants: A Night of Support in Baltimore on February 13, 2017, hosted by Blown Deadline Productions and Tech Solidarity. Approximately 900 supporters packed into Beth Am Synagogue’s pews for the sold-out fundraiser benefiting the Tahirih Justice Center, National Immigration Law Center, International Rescue Committee in Maryland, and ACLU of Maryland. David Simon, creator of The Wire, spearheaded the event in response to the recent Presidential Executive Orders on immigration, and his company Blown Deadline Productions agreed to match donations up to $100,000.

It was an energetic evening, with speeches by David Simon, writer and producer; Maciej Ceglowski, Founder of Tech Solidarity; Dr. Lena Wen, Health Commissioner of Baltimore City; Taylor Branch, author and historian; Deray McKesson, activist and organizer; Beau Willimon, playwright, screenwriter, and creator of House of Cards; and Kristen Strain, Executive Director of Tahirih’s Baltimore office.

“Right now, nationwide, Tahirih can serve only 1 in 6 women and girls who come to us for help. In Baltimore, we can help only 1 in 10. And the Executive Orders will make the need even greater. They will put our clients at risk of further harm including ongoing violence and a return to persecution,” Strain told the audience.

“We transform the lives of immigrant women and girls who have decided for themselves to say ‘no.’ To say ‘no’ to the violence they’ve suffered, but also to say ‘no’ to practices that have existed for centuries and generations in their communities.”

The outpouring of support for immigrant and refugee women and girls fleeing violence was incredible. Almost $150,000 was raised during the fundraiser, of which Tahirih received over $34,000. These funds will better enable Tahirih to serve immigrant women and girls in the Baltimore area impacted by the Executive Orders through our lifesaving programs.

Learn more about how the Tahirih Justice Center is responding to the Executive Orders and what you can do to help protect immigrant women and girls fleeing gender-based violence.

Photos from the Baltimore Sun.