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On November 4, Tahirih Greater DC Executive Director, Heather Taylor, alongside Tahirih’s Board and DC Council member, Jim Sandman, accepted the Hugh A. Johnson Jr. Memorial Award.

Presented by the Hispanic Bar Association of DC at their annual Equal Justice Awards reception, this award is given to one individual and one community organization with visible ties to the DC metropolitan area, especially the Hispanic community, for demonstrated commitment to public service and the principles of equality, cultural respect, and social justice.

Hugh A. Johnson, Jr. was a highly respected African-American who was not only devoted to addressing social issues impacting his own community, but was also an active member of the local Hispanic Bar Association (HBA). A non-profit, non-partisan professional organization founded in 1977, the HBA is dedicated to promoting equal justice and opportunity for all Hispanics. A man known for his integrity, Johnson believed in the power of building alliances across under-served populations.

The Hugh A. Johnson Jr. Memorial Award recognizes Tahirih’s principles and high standards of excellence in service. The award lauds Tahirih’s exemplary pro bono legal and social services provided to immigrant women and girls in the community. Previous recipients of this award include Catholic Charities, CAIR Coalition, and New Futures.

The Tahirih Justice Center is a national non-profit organization that provides free legal and social services to immigrant women and girls fleeing gender-based violence. Founded in 1997, Tahirih has had the privilege of serving over 19,000 courageous women and children who refuse to be victims of violence.