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This article was originally published in The Economist on December 07, 2017. You can access the original article here:

In its Dec. 7, 2017 issue, The Economist examined child marriage in America, discussing the U.S. state laws that make child marriage legal and how these antiquated laws are holding back the global movement to end child marriage.

Jeanne Smoot, the Tahirih Justice Center’s Senior Counsel for Policy and Strategy, spoke with The Economist for the article.

Jeanne Smoot of the Tahirih Justice Centre, an advocacy group, concedes that there is a big difference between a girl of 14 and a girl of 17, but she points out that both have similar legal status.

Smoot explained that when seeking to prevent a marriage they do not want, minors of all ages have limited rights and options. Tahirih is proud to be leading the campaign to end child marriage in the United States and is working to change the state laws that put children at risk.

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