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This article was originally published on April 23, 2020.

Last night, the administration issued an executive order that will temporarily suspend some immigration to the United States. The Tahirih Justice Center condemns this order, which comes at a time– a global pandemic– when survivors need to feel comfortable seeking safety.

“This executive order will only worsen the climate of fear that was already exacerbated among immigrant communities,” said Archi Pyati, Tahirih Chief of Policy and Communications. “Immigrant survivors of violence are among the groups most vulnerable to the pandemic. Policies that attack immigrants make survivors afraid to reach out for services, putting them at higher risk of illness, homelessness, and death. During this unprecedented global crisis, we should be enacting policies that protect people who are most vulnerable, instead of policies that divide and scapegoat immigrants, making all of our communities less safe”.

Tahirih continues to serve immigrant survivors remotely during this time. Our phone lines are open to answer questions and provide resources for survivors who need support. More information can be found at

Archi Pyati is available for comment on this topic. Please contact [email protected] to arrange an interview.