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We are proud to announce that the Tahirih Justice Center has partnered with The UPS Foundation to address the challenges immigrant survivors of human trafficking face across the U.S. Together, we will help close some of the on-ramps to trafficking that make immigrants more vulnerable to trafficking while we strengthen and expand pathways to safety for survivors and their families.

“The Tahirih Justice Center fills a critical gap in the fight for freedom with its legal and case management support for immigrant survivors,” said Nicole Clifton, President of Social Impact and The UPS Foundation. “This partnership allows UPS to create an even more robust anti-human trafficking strategy and we are excited to join forces.”

“Partnerships with leaders in our community are vital to our work,” said Archi Pyati, Tahirih’s CEO. “I’m thrilled that The UPS Foundation has invested in our work and hope many more corporations will follow their lead and make a difference in their communities.”


The UPS Foundation’s philanthropic approach centers on four focus areas: health & humanitarian relief, equity and economic empowerment, local engagement, and planet protection. To UPS, giving means more than writing a check. It means combining employees’ skills, passion, and time with the company’s logistics expertise, transportation assets, and charitable donations* to make a measurable difference in society. The UPS Foundation invests in our global communities with cash grants, in-kind support, and passionate volunteers.