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Well-prepared growth plan earns Tahirih spot as finalist in prestigious national competition

Tahirih Justice Center has advanced to the final round of the Social Impact Exchange Business Plan Competition, which recognizes effective nonprofits that are ready to replicate their efforts and scale their impact.

Competition winners receive access to financial and consulting awards.

In the final round of the competition, Tahirih will present its business plan June 17 at the 2014 Symposium on Scaling Social Impact in New York City, and an award recipient will be selected that day.

“We are incredibly honored that our hard work to grow and maximize the number of immigrant women and girls receiving legal protection from violence is being recognized. Just to reach this stage feels like a win for us, regardless of the ultimate outcome,” said Tahirih Founder and Executive Director Layli Miller-Muro.

Held annually, the Social Impact Exchange Business Plan Competition helps develop a strong pipeline of scale-ready initiatives and provides them with resources to successfully take the next step. The competition consists of three rounds over eight months. Tahirih is one of only three finalists that made it to the final round of the competition, chosen from a pool of 51 original entrants.

Since 1997, Tahirih has developed an award-winning, effective, and efficient model for protecting courageous immigrant women and girls fleeing human rights abuses that leverages a network of over 1,200 attorneys and other professional volunteers to provide a unique blend of free legal services, public education, and public policy advocacy. But the nonprofit can only assist one in every four women and girls who reach out for help due to limited capacity.

Tahirih launched an ambitious, strategic growth plan in 2006 and redoubled its efforts in 2013. Its current strategic plan lays the groundwork for Tahirih to grow from three to five offices and more than double the number of women and girls served by 2017.

The nonprofit’s plans for growth build on an impressive track record of success. To date, Tahirih has assisted 15,000 immigrant women and girls throughout the United States. Its innovative model results in a 99 percent litigation success rate, despite its adoption of complex, cutting-edge legal cases.

Tahirih efficiently leverages pro bono resources, turning every $1 donated into $4.50 of impact. Additionally, Tahirih trains more than 2,000 law enforcement and community professionals annually and successfully advocates for pioneering laws that provide life-saving protections for women and girls fleeing violence.