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This article was originally published on January 10, 2020.

We’re proud to share with you the new Tahirih report Child Marriage in the U.S.: Survivor Story Compilation. The 20 survivor voices featured in the report provide a powerful window into the circumstances under which children are forced and coerced into marriages in modern-day America.

These survivors have shared their stories so that we may understand fully the significant, life-long consequences of child marriage and to compel us all to continue our fight to change the laws that allow this practice to continue. For every survivor who speaks out, countless others cannot do so. This report honors their courage as well.

In 2016, Tahirih won passage of the country’s first state law limiting marriage to legal adults, sparking a movement to end child marriage across the U.S. Since then, a total of 20 states have made significant changes to their laws in an effort to end or limit child marriage. But there is much more work to do.

We invite you to share this report widely with lawmakers, advocates, survivors, funders, and leaders in your community. We believe that ending child marriage in the U.S. is possible, and that it is within our reach.

Click here to access the report.