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This article was originally published on May 09, 2023.

Tahirih mourns the lives lost in recent tragic events in Texas along with their grieving families. As new information continues to develop regarding the violent incidents in Texas this past week weekend, we can’t ignore the imminent attack on immigrant communities in Texas. Law enforcement is evaluating evidence that suggest White supremacy and neo-Nazi views motivated the mall shooter in Allen, TX, while witnesses in the Brownsville bus stop tragedy recall the perpetrator yelling “You’re invading my property!” 

These types of violent attacks instill fear among historically marginalized communities — including the clients we serve, survivors of gender-based violence. Survivors need resources from institutions they can trust.  

Anti-immigrant rhetoric widely spread among government leaders and the media create a climate of fear and hinders the ability of survivors to seek help and feel safe within their communities. As expressed in a recently published op-ed by one of Tahirih’s attorneys, anti-immigrant narratives fueled by the constant use of terms like “illegal” or “unlawful” encourage the normalization of the dehumanizing language that could pave the way for cruel policies that deny survivors justice and safety. 

We call on government leaders, media, and others to stop using dehumanizing rhetoric about immigrants and border communities that fuel hate and creates division in our country. Instead, we ask our leaders to focus on solutions that create builder, stronger, and safer communities for everyone.