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Salma HasanQ: Why did you join Tahirih?
A:I joined Tahirih because the position offered me a chance to be a real advocate for women and children suffering from violence. I knew that I would learn a lot and gain invaluable experience working alongside Tahirih attorneys and staff members.

Q: Share a highlight from your service with us.
A: Though it may seem like a small moment, one of my favorite memories at Tahirih is one of my first retainer signings. All I did that day was explain to the client that we were taking her case and cover the different agreements to be signed, but what was so memorable was the glow on both her and her mother’s faces. The hope, relief, and gratitude on their faces really reminded me of how much I take for granted myself, and it really just drove home for me why I work for Tahirih.

Q: How has your work at Tahirih impacted you?
A: My experience at Tahirih so far has taught me that choosing this line of work was absolutely the correct decision. The feeling that comes with providing a form of relief to those who have experienced extreme violence is incomparable. And working alongside others who are so dedicated to elevating these women’s voices has really reiterated for me the importance of this work.

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