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Lee HopkinsQ: Why did you join Tahirih?
A: The opportunity to serve my local community members, represent a nationally-respected organization, and advocate against the global problems of gender-based violence, racism, and xenophobia brought me to Tahirih. I am so grateful to work for Tahirih because of its environment of emPOWERment and creativity in which I am encouraged to support my clients as they determine their own paths, not decide one for them.

Q: Share a highlight from your service at Tahirih?
A: A highlight of my time at Tahirih was the day a long-term, asylum-seeking client told me that she no longer needed social services support because she was safe, sustainably connected to services, and, most importantly, felt positive about her future! She now independently goes to the doctor, advocates for interpretation, enrolls in ongoing semesters of ESL classes, is completing dozens of job applications, has stable housing, aptly navigates public transportation, and is fully engaged in trauma counseling. Her experience confirms that Tahirih’s intensive, client-centered case management model is effective in connecting clients with needed resources and encouraging self-advocacy skills to overcome hurdles along the way. It was not an easy road for our team or the client, and that makes her success all the more rewarding!

Q: How has your work at Tahirih impacted you?
A: My work has inspired me to continuously strive to be more self-aware, culturally-competent, and an activist for justice at heart. Working here has allowed me to combine my dual passions of working with clients to meet their individual needs, with my love of community organizing and outreach to effect systemic change. Finally, Tahirih’s culture of consultation has confirmed my deep belief that the only effective decision-making is one that includes all voices and perspectives.